Serving the Military and Their Families


“If you want to support me, support my family.”

~Michael Martinez, U.S. Army

Our Mission

Our mission is to lift the morale of our military.

Our Purpose
Our purpose is to strengthen communities by helping deployed servicemen and women and their families through difficult circumstances that many times accompany deployment. DSFF strives to lighten the burden of the troops and their families by providing: wellness weekends for spouses and children of deployed soldiers, educational materials and morale-lifting items to deployed troops, monetary help in times of crisis, and Christmas gift certificates for military families in need. We are a 501(c)3 entity.

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Family Wellness Weekends


This is a soldier's mom who is trying to raise money for
 Ps. 91 bandanas for Fort Bragg soldiers

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Operation Bandanas for Bragg


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Thank you for helping us serve and support our military and their families.

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